Update of Eczema


I had to hold the camera in my left hand and upside down to take this photo of my right hand.
If you look close you can see the edges of the wound are healing and there is less scaly skin visible. I did debride it again to clean it up. Debriding means to cut away dead skin…. We do it when there is sloughy (infected) skin and to help it heal.
My skin might be a bit on the red side but it’s healing nicely now. It is looking very moist and smooth. Can only use the ‘Novasone’ cream once per day now, and in between and regularly I massage in some ‘Caroline’s Cream’ to keep the moisture up. This is working very well.

Looking a lot better

I do like to tell people what works and what doesn’t!

If you haven’t heard of ‘Caroline’s Cream’ before, it’s made by an Australian Mum who had a child with really bad skin problems and nothing was working so she researched and developed this amazingly beautiful cream. As a moisturiser it’s wonderful. I even put it on my Grandson’s head due to a small area of cradle cap.
So I am very happy with this. I don’t suffer from itching skin on my hands anymore and they are clearing up nicely.
Monday I got the ‘Novasone’ cream and today is wednesday. By friday it should look fabulous! It had better because I’m back at work then and the integrity of my skin needs to be excellent! If it’s not I don’t go to work. The skin is the best defence against invading bugs!
Marilyn xxx


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