It shouldn’t take 8 months to spring clean anything


That’s how long I’ve been spring cleaning my house. I thought about this as I struggled to clean and sort out kitchen cupboards today before tea was served. Hubby cooked a gorgeous Laksa! Anyway to get back to my tale.. of woe…….

I took 3 cupboards of spices and herbs and turned it into one cupboard full. That was an effort worth talking about. How long has it been since you checked all your ‘use by dates’ for all your herbs and spices? Some of ours I remember buying when we moved in here and that was a loooong time ago! They had use by dates going back to the dinosaur.. Out they went. (Had to giggle, because when hubby emptied the bin, and it was overflowing, a shitload of spice sprayed out all over the floor hehehehe).

There were grubby fingerprints all over the spice jars too, so they had to be cleaned and dried. Packing them back into the cupboard was a treat though. Everything all clean and shiny. Got to sort out our odd collection of bowls and bits and pieces. One day when hubby is at work I plan to dump a few here and there to get rid of them. I don’t really like odd bits and pieces. I like odd dining room chairs though, especially if they are vintage. I spilt chilli powder all over one of the chair cushions and spent an hour in an agonised sneezing fit. Hot! Hubby thinks because I’m sitting here, I’ve finished but low and behold, when I begin the other corner of the kitchen and leave him to finish it then I go to begin the laudry, he’ll know… it hasn’t been completed.. Poor bugger!

I often wonder if men appreciate what we women do to keep our homes neat and clean? Do they even realise? I also work and fitting in a good clean is a logistical nightmare especially when you have sick children in the house to care for. If the house was empty of people, I would get a big wheelie bin, stick it next to the back door and fill it with anything and everything. Then I would clean. Or get someone to clean for me but I do like to do the thorough stuff myself. I have a blanket sitting on my clothes drier and waiting to go to the laundry to get cleaned so tomorrow I might take a book, go to the laundry and read whilst it’s in the extra large washing machine. Oh, what a treat! Me time… I could just sit there and stare at a wall, but knowing my luck, I’d be confused with someone who should be in a secure environment, so maybe not.

Funny though, my floors never get cleaned until the last room is finished. Just realised that could be months so I’ll have to re-think that. I also have a skin problem keeping me from cleaning as much as I usually do. I was at work, did a lot of shifts and we have to wash so many times, my hands got extremely dry. In the night I scratched them so much I made them bleed and now the backs of my hands are red and a bit on the sore side so no more work for me for a couple of days and until they’ve healed. What a bother. Not having the use of your hands is an absolute bugger and having to sit around doing nothing with both hands covered in bandages and rubber/latex gloves is terrible. I’m so bored I could scream but I haven’t had a holiday for years so I should really make the most of this time off and relax. R E L A X. Ok, so now what?

Maybe I could write a list for everyone in the house to help clean a room tomorrow. Yeah right! That would go down like a lead balloon. I will say though, hubby has been so nice and seemingly caring in his attitude towards my cleaning. He says, ‘Why don’t you just sit down and take it easy?’ Ha! He knows, when I get started on a project, he eventually gets asked to help sooner or later and he hates housework! Yeah, as if I like it. I do it all. If I had the strength in my arms to mow the lawns I would have to do that as well. I could spend a week in a hotel and relax there but they would track me down sooner or later. Ugh!
‘Where’s this.. ‘Where’s that?’ ‘I can’t find…’ ‘Can you get my…’It never ends…’
I suppose I shouldn’t complain but where else can I go and write it down and know some other poor bugger is probably going through the same situation. I feel like ‘Marge’ in ‘The Simpsons’ There is no ‘appreciation’ and no ‘me time’… It’s all about them. Love them dearly but where are the bloody aliens when you need them?????


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