Toilet paper for the carpet!


Our darling new puppy is doing her business on the floor sometimes. Argh! It doesn’t pay to tell them off when they do it in the wrong place but to be patient and when they do it in the right place, give them a lot of praise and a reward.

‘Lolly’ is a sneaky little miss and she sometimes does it on the carpet. I know when she wants to go because she fusses around the house. I encourage her to go to the front door where we have about 4 ‘Blueys’ = incontinence sheets!
If she does it there, of course we give her praise and pats and rewards but there are occasions when she does it on the carpet. That bugs the hell out of me. If and when I see her do it and it’s too late, I run for the toilet roll.

This is what I do to clean it up and to prevent smells. Roll the TP around your hand until you have a thick wad of it. Put it over the wet spot and stand on it until it has soaked into the TP. Then flush that in the toilet.
Next! Tip as much clean water over the stain as your pet does in wee and let it soak in a bit. Then repeat with the toilet paper and stand on that too. Do it again until the urine has been diluted enough so as there is not really much if any urine on the carpet. After that, you can use a little gentle detergent to clean the carpet. This works well and my carpet is getting a good soaking and a good clean. It might only be in spots but I figure if she has taken one week to do it on the ‘Bluey’ with a few accidents, she will eventually do it on the Bluey’s only within the month and my carpet will be really clean all over.
‘Lolly’ is a darling little dog and we love her. She is taking to our home and us like a duck to water.
I knew they would become firm friends!

If I need an afternoon snooze and I lay on the lounge on my side (my usual place), she hops on there and snuggles up with me. Boo still lays along my side from my waist to my hip. I will get a photo of it soon and post it. It looks a bit odd but I don’t move and they’re comfortable. I miss my little ‘Lovey’ but ‘Lolly’ has taken over her spot and she fits in where Lovey did.’Lolly’ made life a lot easier for all of us.
Give your pets a hug. They love you without condition and are always there for you. They feel your pain and your anguish. They feel your joy too. The next time you’re sad, look at your pet. They will act differently. They need to know it’s ok and that you will be ok too. So hug them and pat them as much as you can. You are life to them and without you, where would they be?
Marilyn xxx


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