If it is perfect and worth bragging about then how can it be ‘Improved?’


I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been watching, listening and learning.

I never took much notice of the companies flogging their weight loss products and programs etc…
Since I discovered a really honest way to do it and began looking at the competition, I have come to the conclusion that they can’t be any good can they? Their big drawcard (they pay thousands of dollars to advertise and for copywriters to write their headlines) is constantly changing… That’s right. You will often hear these words ‘New and Improved’ If they were any good to begin with, then how can they improve it???

I tried almost all of them and found they were all the same. Boring. Regimental… rigid… strict…tasteless, sickening, meanwhile they give it a gimmick to make you think you are getting a good deal. Holy moly… this is such brazen, outrageous advertising.
The other thing I have to laugh about too are the words… ‘Guaranteed to lose 5 kilos in the first week or your money back’ If you consumed bread and water for a week you would lose 5 kilos on that too….

Don’t be fooled by any of it. They only promise a week of weight loss. After that, their arse is covered because that’s where the buck.. or promise ends… They are only interested in sales and that’s where it ends. If they were interested in you… you would be given something which was healthy, easy to do, pretty well in line with what you eat now and most of all good for you… Do you ever wonder why so many people get cancers??? It’s the artificial crap they ingest, thinking they are doing themselves a favour.. Ha! Babies get cancer too…. My thoughts on this are.. Mothers consume additives and preservatives… babies are subjected to this in the womb… babies who are not breast fed but bottle fed are ingesting additives and preservatives too. Babies bottles made of plastic….Plastics leech dangerous chemicals…
Make you think?? I hope so..

Hey, sure we sometimes have a small amount of food from a bottle or a jar but very rarely. We know why we eat… To give our bodies nutrition for growth and healing… We don’t get colds, flu or get sick any more… and it’s all due to being on my Plan.
It’s not difficult to do and the book is a fun read too. http://www.marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au I refuse to fall for the crap and make promises. I don’t have to becasue I know my Plan works and works well. There you are.. Cut and paste this into yor browser and see for yourself.. This book is selling all over the world and it’s making a difference to thousands of people’s lives and I’m so glad.

So don’t be fooled by the hype they shove down your throat… They must think you are the dumbest individuals on the planet. I know you’re not!
Well, I’ve had my session for the week. Catch up soon…
Love and hugs to all.
Marilyn xxx


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