Please warn your parents…Don’t fall for the ‘Yes’ phone call


My mother just called me and she was very concerned about a phone call she just received. It was someone with a foreign accent asking her if she was ‘sitting in front of her computer’.. Mum also said she could hear a lot of voices in the background too. It would have been from a call centre set up to rip people off.

It immediately rang warning bells. On ‘A Current Affair’ not more than two weeks ago, they showed a young woman who had a similar call from someone from an electricity company who asked her ‘if their representative who knocked on her door was polite’  The young woman replied ‘Yes’  This company then spliced the tape of the young woman’s voice saying ‘Yes’ into a recording where they added their own words asking her ‘if she was happy to go to their electricity company’ This woman then received a bill from their company which is a really low thing to do.

They cancelled her old electricity provider and hooked her up to their own. The company denied it of course but ACA got hold of it and showed it as a warning to everyone to be on the lookout. This is why I am telling you all now.

Be on the lookout for these vultures. They prey on the elderly and people who are not aware.  Inform your parents and everyone you know of this and tell them if they get a phone call from someone they don’t know, to ‘ask them for their name and phone number and you will call them back’, then hang up immediately but don’t say ‘yes’ If they are in doubt about the caller’s identity and are worried, just tell them to hang up and don’t answer them at all.

If they leave their phone number and name it will be easy enough to check on them but most probably they won’t. It makes my blood boil to hear such things and given the chance I would give them the flogging they so deserve.

These people and these companies are nothing but animals preying on others.

Now please go and warn all your elderly relatives, friends and family to be on the lookout,  and don’t say yes!

I will be re posting this for the next few days to make sure you all read it so sorry if it bothers you

but I need to do


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