Given up on dieting? Good for you…


I’m glad for you. That’s the first sensible thing you’ve done. I’ve been reading about some pretty awful diets on the market lately. So many so called experts are restricting foods to help you lose weight but when you think about it.. these foods… seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, legumes, eggs etc all have specific nutrients in them which assist the body to maintain homestasis.. This means in basic terms a ‘healthy State’ ‘healthy body.’

Now, how can you maintain a healthy body if you are depriving it of important nutrients? Dieting and food restrictions put your body under extreme stress. The body is having to fight for survival. How can it heal and grow if there are no nutrients to assist in the healing and growth of new cells etc… When people are younger, their bodies are able to endure a little more than older people and when they keep dieting constantly they are removing years from their lives albeit a little more slowly but it is happening. It’s almost sinister in the way it creeps up and manifests itself into drastic health problems in later years.

Ill health, problems with pregnancy, seasonal flu and colds. The body has no stores of good health to enable it to fight these things. Homeostasis doesn’t exist. Did you know even lettuce has important nutrients? You might look at the humble lettuce and think it’s not important but it is! Fresh foods, highly nutritious and good to eat when prepared nicely can give you all the nutrients your body is screaming out for.

If you’re considering losing any weight at all, can I suggest you begin by getting rid of all the sugar in your diet. Normally I refuse to say the word diet because of the failures it conjures up, but when I do use it, I mean a normal eating pattern without food restrictions. If you counted all the sugar in the foods and drinks you consumed in a day you might be very surprised at the amount you are consuming and those simple carbohydrates which has your body experiencing highs and lows all throughout the day. Yuk! It’s no wonder people get cranky. They need a constant sugar fix. Begin doing it now and see how much better you feel. Even if you swapped 2 cups of sugar free drinks in a day it would make a difference.

I just read an article about a mother who embarrassed her overweight child into losing weight. She denied the child a main meal too.. Is that crazy or what? How can that child flourish with food restrictions? I wondered about her mental state as well. What baggage is this little child going to carry around with her after that? Makes me so mad.

I have kids on Marilyn’s Plan now and they love it. Want to know why? Becasue they get to eat normal healthy food. They don’t have to go without and no one even knows they are trying to lose weight. Kids can be so cruel to obese children. Their bullying and taunts are soul destroying. Kids can lose weight and learn how food makes them overweight and how to be careful of their food choices. Maintaining their weight is easy for them as well and all the kids who have been on this Plan love it. For the cook in the house, you don’t need to cook anything different for the obese child which makes life a lot easier. You can all eat the same food. Want to know how??? Well, go to the website and get the book. I have to admit it is a good little read with some humour which we badly need these days.

One more thing… If your child can be assisted to learn about food and can get back to eating good healthy food then teach them how to cook. There will come a day when they will be on their own and I’m sure you would like to know they will be able to look after themselves.
Marilyn xx


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