Don’t let it go!


Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. I mean, watching my emails for sales and answering peoples queries etc but I really do enjoy it. I know I haven’t blogged for a few days but life has been so busy. Even the date for completing my next book is on hold. Can’t seem to find the time but I think I have everything ready now.

Life can get so busy we lose track of where we are and what our goals are don’t we? I try to at least put my goals into ‘long term’ and ‘get it done now!’ It works when I make a list and get it done. Sometimes I just want to get off this computer and let it go…
I need space too. I need to get away from it all and take a few days off but every day I get up and put on an item of clothing and it fits as it should without having to say to myself..’I’m too fat to wear it’ I get excited all over again and I do keep going.

I do it for you. I know you have tried so many diets and fads etc to lose your weight but answer one question??? Have they worked and have you kept your goal weight for more than two years??? If you haven’t then you are on the wrong track. How many more diets are you going to pay for? How many nights are you going to go to bed hungry and miserable? How long are you going to be thinking about food before you give up and eat again?

Been there and done that. Yep! I have. I know where you’re coming from. Well, now I can teach you how to do it and once you have this fabulous concept under your belt you will know it will work for you and you will be able to do it. It’s a relief to know when you read something which makes so much sense that you know you will be able to do it. Oh… it’s so exciting. It keeps me going just thinking about it so don’t hesitate. Go and do it now for yourself, for your family and even your pets if they are overweight. And where can you get a weight loss Plan which fits in with people and pets??? Nowhere I know, except my book. Copy and paste this into your browser

I remember last week I was on facebook telling everyone I was registered with the ACCC which is the ‘Australian Competitions and Consumer Commission’ They are linked to ‘scam watch’ etc and their job is to protect the public and businesses from scammers. Well, I forgot it was removed from my website when my web developer did a revamp of the site. It’s back on there again and I am registered with them too. See the bottom of the ‘Home Page’
I requested it so I could show everyone it is for real and not a scam. There is a dinky di book and a bloody marvelous weight loss Plan so get to it. That’s it for me. Have to go and prepare for a busy weekend.
Love to all.
Marilyn xxx


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