What makes my Plan so good? “It’s a quirky fun read, and it works”


I was once asked what made my Plan for weight loss so unique and my reply was to say…
“It’s a pretty normal way to eat but I have manipulated all the good things we know about food.”

When you read the book you will know it does work and you will be able to do it. Truly! After you’ve read it you will realise it does work. There is no doubt. It’s proven method is helping overweight people all over the world and I’m so excited to be able to have the opportunity to present it to you in an easy to read, quirky, Aussie book.

Have you ever read anything to do with weight loss given the title of quirky? I bet you haven’t. But why should weight loss be boring and difficult. Ha! It’s not boring or difficult doing it my way. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s even fast if that is what you want… Don’t get me wrong… The Plan is not quirky but the way I wrote it is. So it’s enjoyable and fun to read..

Every day I wake up and put on my skinny girl jeans or a little dress I am in awe of this Plan and how easy it is.
You may look at my website and think all the celebrities on there are paid to be there but no, they are not. Some of these lovely people are friends, some are friends as a result of them having my book but they all have one thing in common.
They like the Plan. I don’t need to pay celebrities to endorse my book and I think it’s totally wrong to do it.
It’s misleading to say the least. Won’t say anymore except that my Plan is honest and so am I. Email me and ask me something or better still.. call me. My number is on the website on the contact page… Either me or my husband will answer the phone…if we’re awake that is…lol
Marilyn xxx


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