Can your kids make the Team???


Children going it alone with weight loss is a dangerous combination. They need guidance and support from adults and with a good healthy eating plan. That’s where I come in. Is an easy and enjoyable read for adults and kids alike. It’s easy to understand and apply, and very effective.

If your child is bullied at school chances are they could possibly be overweight. First thing to do is to take them to see a doctor to have them check their weight for height. They will also do a visual assessment on your child, so it won’t just be a reading from a chart. Your child might be thin boned or heavy boned.

Makes a big difference. Also a good idea to check out the parents too which will indicate whether the parents are stocky in build with very little fat. On the other hand they might be of slight build. So there is a big difference and I think it’s a good idea to take them to a doctor if you’re not sure. Don’t just allow anyone to measure your child using the BMI chart. There are other measures to be factored in too.

So join the Teams and get with the Plan for the most wonderful weight loss Plan in the world!

Good for overweight pets too. You won’t have to reduce their food intake either which can lead to behavioural problems in pets. You would have behavioural problems too if you went on a strict diet with less food wouldn’t you?
I was called ‘Grumpy guts!’ on my last diet. Didn’t like it at all… ( I was a bit snarly).

Now don’t think I’m against the vets and their good advice but they haven’t seen my Plan for pets yet. Some have and they like it!
That’s it for me. Bye for now and good luck.
Oh, and have a great week.
Marilyn xxx


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