How dare they…..She is so sick!


Chatting to a friend about his wife today and he as so angry and upset. I asked why and he replied…. ‘I had to take my wife into the Royal Adelaide Hospital this morning about 0630.’ ‘The carpark at the front of the hospital was taken up with all the channel 7 and channel 9 News cars.’ He said he ‘couldn’t drive his wife to the door or even close to it because of this and she was in extreme pain.’

I agreed and wondered why they were there but then I remembered they would all be hovering about like vultures waiting for a tidbit of information on that bikie who was shot last week. He asked if they would be attempting to bribe some poor little nurse to divulge information about him or to sneak a photo. I laughed but then he came back to the same argument….

‘How dare they take up parking spaces meant for people who need to drop off sick people, especially when they can’t walk.’ Yes, it is a cruel thing to do so I will have something to say about it. I know journalists will do anything for ratings and to get a story but this is not the way to go. It’s pretty bad actually. Really about as low as you can get!

What do you think????? All comments would be greatly appreciated..
Marilyn xxx


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