Holy Moly nothing fits!


Worked on the weekend in a facility where there were plenty of stairs and as I don’t mind running up and down them for the fitness thingy I was pleased to be there.
Today I got up and went to my wardrobe to find a pair of jeans or something to lounge around in because I try to take the next day off to relax and blow me down I couldn’t find a pair which fit me in the waist. I have the tiniest waist and all my pants fall down because they are just too big for me.

I think the most embarrassing moment was when I was wearing my big size 16 pants and I added some elastic to the waist thinking they will hold until I got to my goal weight. I reached up to the DDA cupboard to get the pain drugs out and my pants fell off. I tell you it was not a pretty site and there were men sitting in the staff room facing us. Hope they weren’t watching. No one said anything but I was in shock! I did however buy a pair of size 10 pants immediately after and added elastic to the waist to keep them up. Yes size 10 so I could wear a pair of baggy trousers to work.

I don’t like figure hugging pants in my job as a Nurse. I don’t think it’s right. I have to now go and get another pair of work pants because these keep falling off me too. I spend most of the shift hitching them up. I am so sick of this. Can’t any clothing manufactureres make pants to fit my size waist?


You too can have the same problem! Pants which fall off because you’re so small hehehehehehe

When I lost all my excess weight a few years ago I went and bought a new wardrobe and that included a lot of trousers and jeans. Couldn’t wear them before because I looked like an overstuffed sausage but now I can. But they just fall down and even the belts I buy don’t quite fit me. I have to punch a new hole in them to make them fit me. Most belts go around me twice!

I went into my wardrobe to see how many pairs of jeans and trousers I have which needed to be taken in and there is about 25 pairs. Not including the winter ones I just put away. Anyone know of a place in Adelaide where I can get them all taken in at the waist? I do sew myself but I don’t have the time to do it and I don’t think my sewing machine is up to jeans material. Ugh! It’s a big job!


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