Don’t you think My Plan is…..


Unique? Easy to do? Easy to stick to? It’s based on the science of good food and nutrition, with a bit of excercise.
You know you should eat don’t you? Don’t starve in the hope of losing weight. You will only send your metabolism into starvation mode and it will hang on to the fat.

If you have been led to believe not eating carbs is going to help you shed those unwanted kilos/lbs, then you are sooooooo wrong. You need carbs and plenty of them. Complex carbohydrates are chocker block full of nutrients. There are vitamins and minerals in carbs which don’t come in fruit and vegetables so going without them is not doing your body any favours.

You would also have heard the kids talk about fruit and veg 2 and 5. 2 serves of fruit per day and 5 serves of veg.
I don’t believe that is enough. No wonder people go to bed hungry and they have behavioural problems when they diet…

Who gets cranky when they diet? I used to.

I hate that word diet..

Well, I manipulated a few things and came up with something so simple and it really works and it can be so fast depending on how you go about it…

I never wanted to have a book with a gorgeous young skinny model on the cover. Why? That’s cheating. I am a normal average person who had a weight problem but not any more. I feel wonderful and I know I never have to worry about food again. I put a pic of myself on the cover for all the world to see. I wanted everyone to know I’m honest about my book and honest about my Plan.

Me and Boo

Oh, and don’t expect to read a book which is so like all the other’s on the market. Weighing, measuring, counting, skimping, Blah!!!!
I wrote my book for you to be an enjoyable read with some humour in it. Not another one like it anywhere. So don’t be too serious with dieting, get Marilyn’s Plan and enjoy living again, and eating!

It’s also great for kids to read too. No need to worry about them taking dieting into their own hands and worrying they could be at risk of Anorexia by not eating.

Team Teen, Team Tween, Team Teeny

If you have a fat pet then they too can be on the same Plan. Thier food is different than ours of course but the Principal of the Plan is the same. So don’t keep putting it off. Do it now whie you have the opportunity and while I still have stock!
Marilyn xxx


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