CPR on a Gecko


Went outside early this morning to see what the day had in store, weather wise and as I wandered around under my pergola I heard a noise. Looked down and there was a tiny 10cm or 5 inch Gecko thrashing about on the concrete. Although it was very small, it still kicked up a lot of dust. I crouched down to get a closer look and this poor little fella had swallowed a stick and some pillow stuffing and it must have become lodged in it’s throat.

In recovery after CPR

I screamed to my hubby to come quick, there’s a little lizard in distress and it needs help! Hubby runs and gets his glasses so he can see but before he gets to where the lizard and I were, I had grabbed hold of the stick with the fluff on it and gently pulled it from his mouth. The stick was so very fine and it was in there quite a way. The poor little bugger still had some fluff hanging out of it’s mouth but only a tiny piece and so we tried to pull that off without much success so into the house I ran to get my good eyebrow tweezers to do it. By the time I got outside the lizard had dropped it’s little nose to the ground and I guess from exhaustion or it had ceased respirations. It went limp and it’s little legs were flat on the ground, so into action I went. I pushed it gently to see if it would move but it was still. Believe it or not I did CPR on it. I put my pointer finger on it’s back where I believe it’s lungs were and pressed ever so gently and rapidly. Then after 10 pumps, I blew onto the ground in front of it’s little head and the wind must have blown up it’s nose into it’s lungs. I did this a few times and blow me down if it didn’t lift it’s head up very slowly and begin wiggling it’s tail again but very slowly! I stopped the CPR and allowed the little fella to rest while I kept a watchful eye on it and within 5 minutes, it had begun to wriggle slowly and using it’s little legs which before were paralized. Hubby and I both stood there just staring at this poor little creature who had got into trouble and could possibly have died.

The stick with fluff on the end.

When it recovered and began walking normally again I got the trusty camera out and took a couple of pics to show. I think it was trying to get over the big log and into the garden so I gently picked it up with a dried gum leaf and put in into the garden where it was safe. We both went about our morning jobs and activities and that was it! Later I went to see if it had survived and sure enough it had moved from the spot where I left it so all must be good. What a relief.
I must have been in Life Saving mode today!

Into the safety of the garden.

I showered and dressed as we were expecting a family visit and just as I came out from the bathroom there was a knock on the door and someone yelling “Auntie come out quick there’s a man down on the road.” Into action I went again… yelling to hubby as I ran, Gary run quick! I ran to the end of my street and around the corner only to find a young man laying on the footpath in the sun with a beer mug (full) and a bottle of something he hadn’t opened. He was as drunk as a skunk! I was so angry.

My thought was to leave him there but I couldn’t so I asked him a few questions and then told him to get into the shade. He carried on and so I told him if he didn’t I would call the police. He moved really fast then. He leaned against a fence in the shade and that’s where we left him to sober up. Hubby checked him when he went that way to work and no news was good news. He must have been to the Shutzenfest or something. He didn’t have any money, just this booze. Idiot! There was a small crowd of concerned people there but when they saw he was drunk they went about their business. They were quite annoyed too. What an idiot he was putting himself in that position. He could have been mugged or bashed. Maybe I should have called the Police!


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