Sitting next to me…..


When I sent Peter Goers my book to read, ( he is an avid reader) I didn’t realise How friendly I was in my writing.
He said ‘it made him feel like he was at home’ when he read it.

Then, the other day I received an email from a lady who bought my book and she said she ‘felt like she was sitting right next to me when she read it.’ That was so nice.

I even have this on a T shirt.

When you create something for the benefit of others and someone says something nice about it, it’s normal to feel a little shy because you pour your heart and soul into the project, not thinking or imagining how other’s might percieve it but I was so chuffed. It was a lovely compliment. I must admit, I do like to put myself into the other person’s shoes and imagine how they will receive it. I like to teach and I thoroughly enjoy showing other’s ‘How To thingies.’ Pouring your heart and soul into a project is an extension of your personality and it shows the kind of person you are deep down.

I wonder if we can be categorised? Snide, smart aleck, empathetic. apathetic, sweet, determined. smart a..s, cynical, the list is endless. I’m afraid I’m not very good at being snide or smart alecky so I stick to honesty and integrity. It works for me. It also makes me feel my book is a good piece of work and worthy of all the advertising dollars I spend on it and the time I’ve spent talking about it. ( I could talk about it for hours)

No other book on weight loss can say that. For the most part, they are just full of scientific facts to convince you there is no other way but their way if you want to lose weight. My Plan is based on the science of food but I kept it all to myself and just wrote it for you to follow and to learn from. I love it and i’m proud of it.

Marilyn xxx


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