Sitting here eating Brazil nuts…..


Why? Because I have them. I have absolutely no idea how to use this wordpress thingy. All I do is come to this site, write a blog of some sort and post it the best way I can. I know I’m useless at it. I just found out how to follow people though. How exciting is that? Hang on… another nut!

I also found out how to read others posts too. I went to a diet thingy and was reading all about diet books. OMGoodness. I’ve never read so much crap in my life. These things are filled with ‘amazing’ ‘Shocking’ ‘Discovery’ arghhhh…. it’s all too much. They all claim to know what is going on in your mind when you are overweight. Some of these diets border on dangerous to say the least. So restrictive too.
A brand new discovery to ensure you lose weight. You would think we were the dumbest of them all when it comes to knowing what to eat and I find them very condescending.

Alright, I also wrote a book on weight loss but I’m not going to tell you a lot of crap and fool you. I will say however that you have never tried my Plan before. We all know what constitutes good food and we all know why we shouldn’t eat too much fat, salt, sugar etc….we also know why we eat for comfort. COMFORT. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. Losing weight successfully and knowing how to maintain it isn’t easy is it? It’s not! So many of these diets are so alike it’s unreal.

So why you might ask is my book any different? I will tell you. Mine is different from all of the other diets ever devised because you can actually put your overweight pets on it, that’s how different it is. They can lose weight too. And it works without much effort, if you call eating, without effort. I would call my book a quirky, down to earth weight loss Plan which works. So there, now you have it. I’m off now I’ve had my say.
As a self Publisher I’m excited to have it in bookstores too. I didn’t ask them. They came to me.
Marilyn xxx

Your pets don't have to go to bed hungry either.


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