What is your pet doing on New Years Eve?


Have you got a pet which suffers from stress and anxiety when the fireworks go off? This noise can be so distressing to animals and they will try to run away. Last year I found a wonderful thing called ‘Rescue Remedy’ Got it from the pharmacy. Some well educated and well advised vets will recommend it to calm an anxious animal. It works too!

‘Rescue Remedy’ is a ‘Tincture’ of certain flowers and is purely herbal and will relax and calm your pet.
If we have people over for a gathering/celebration and I know there will be a certain amount of noise, I will put a few drops into their water bowl and they sip on it and are calm all day and night. No problems at all and they get through the night quite comfortably.

If you like me, live in Australia, then you will be well advised to make sure to keep your pet cool over the new years eve celebrations. It’s been forecast to be a stinker. Keep cool water and lots of shade available and if your pet is old, it might be a good idea to keep them inside out of the heat. It’s going to be a heat wave and some pets are not bred for our Australian summers.

My two Papillons get most of their fur cut off especially around the neck are and I regularly wet their fur to keep them cool. They stay indoors and only go outside in the cooler time of the evening or in the cooler time of the morning. Just imagine what it’s like wearing a fur coat in a heat wave. That’s what your pets are going through. If you give them a bath now before the heat sets in, they will be rid of any loose hair and body grease and oils allowing them to be a little bit cooler to begin.
Trim the fur around the pads of their feet too. They get hot and sticky there as well.

A sure sign of heat stroke in an animal is vomiting and it can be serious enough to warrant an emergency vet visit which will be costly. Don’t let your baby get over heated and make sure they stay safe. Taking these precautions now for your pet will allow you to enjoy the festivities without worrying about them too much.

An overweight pet will also suffer in the heat. Excess fat on the body makes life difficult for anyone including animals.
They need to lose weight and this is where I can help too. If your pet is overweight, then get My Book and learn how you can feed and gently exercise your pet and yourself if need, so simply and easily. So many of the experts tell pet owners to reduce the amount of food for weight reduction, but unless the pets are eating way too much then I don’t deem this necessary. I have made this Plan suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight without nit picking their food, weighing and measuring and all the rest of the awful stuff which goes with dieting. No More!
Get it and try it. You’ll love it and so will your pet.
Happy New Year to you all and your pets.
Marilyn xxx


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