Bed Bugs in your Baggage


Going away on holiday? If so you might want to take note of what I am going to tell you. Recently I read about bed bugs being in motels and hotels etc all over the world and are travelling from one country to another via peoples baggage.

Nasty little insects which will bite and bite and bite.

A couple of things.
First… When you arrive at your destination and check into your room. Pull the pillow cases, blankets and sheets etc off the bed and check the bed and linen closely for any insects. If they are present. Inform the hotel admin immediately and move out of the room stat!

Don’t open your bags or sit on anything until you have done a complete and thorough check of the room.
Next if you feel you have already been bitten, inform hotel admin immediately and ensure they deal with it promptly, then seek medical advice for the bites.

When you leave your destination….. Bring all your baggage home and take it outside to unpack. Put everything in the wash immediately and wash on the hottest temp your clothes will take. You might need to spray the insides of your baggage to rid it of bugs. Then shower and put the things you take off into a plastic bag to take to the laundry and wash immediately to make sure they don’t just drop off the clothing and onto any surfaces in your home. They will breed, and eradicating them can be very expensive and time consuming.

If one of those masty little things or any other insect ever crawls into your ear, Get a torch and shine to torch into the ear. The insect will crawl out to the light. If that doesn’t work (and I know it will) put one drop of olive oil into the ear, tip the head over and watch the little sucker float out.
Happy Holidays!


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