Doing the Santa run


Just got home from Elizabeth delivering the goods collected for the family who lost everything in a house fire. The 7 month pregnant Mother ran back into the burning house to save her family. That is brave. A true hero in my eyes. You do it for love…

Anyway what I wanted to say was this; Thank you to my Niece Kelly who donated a christmas tree and decos, clothes, gifts, toiletries etc and who drove her ute full of goodies all the way out there, Laurel who donated baby/children’s clothes, baby furniture, toiletries, gifts, and a lot of stuff needed to set up house again. My sister Kate who donated food items, emolient creams, gifts etc, and to the anon family who left the 3 bags of goods at the Hayhurst Girl Guide Hall includig a neatly wrapped gift on top…. a hearty thank you.

All your gifts were so kind and thoughtful and were so gratefully received by a sweet young couple with 3 beautiful children who you could plainly see were still reeling from the trauma. Thanks Channel 7 for doing this with dignity and not making a ‘shocking’ news item out of a family tragedy. Still hoping more people and businesses will come forward with furniture and other things so badly needed for this lovely young couple to set up house again.

And of course I got caught in front of the camera but when I do something for someone, I do it out of kindness. Not for the accolades. Holy moly, I am a bit on the nervous side and dislike being in front of the camera. Channel 7 Today Tonight will probably run the story tonight.
Thanks again. Merry Christmas to all. xxxxx


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