Doin’ my head in…..


The more I read the news the more angry I become. Now the head of the RSPCA is facing alledged charges of animal cruelty. How does that happen? Don’t they have some feeling towards their chosen field or is it just about the money?

Me thinks it’s just money driven these days. Each time I look at my two little girls I swoon with affection. To think, I have two of the most adorable little dogs and their every need and want is my life’s work…. to provide! I feel so guilty to think I allowed them to become so sick from processed foods, I now want to give them as much love and kindness I can.

Yes, so I allow them to sleep on the bed next to me. I turned their steps into a ramp to save them from having to jump up and down to get on and off the bed. They have their favourite places to snooze during the day. I even have a doggy stroller to take them out for a long walk because they can only walk so far. Thier little legs are so short. They eat from the best china plates and drink filtered water.

I researched the best foods but they keep their weight down with
Two years ago I bought a coat brush at the Royal Adelaide show pet stand. It cost me $85 and it’s the most fantastic brush. The ends of the bristles are rounded so as not to traumatise their skin.

They have their lovely toys and play together really well. Life is good!

Lovey and Boo


About thingirlsrus

Registered Nurse. Clinical Lecturer. Author. Really nice person. I am a weight loss expert believe it or not. Personally I don't care if you believe me or not. I just wrote the most wonderful book on how to lose weight without constantly shoving your hand in your pocket buying products which by the way don't work. Believe it or not but my little dogs 'Lovey' and 'Boo' helped me to discover the most simple and easy way to do it and it's something I had never thought of doing. I absolutely love information. I love true stories and I'm interested in you too. Everyone has a story to tell. Marilyn xxx

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