Child safety


Discussing child safety with my little girl on the way to school today and she informs me of the trip home yesterday. Her and her girlfriend are halfway home (they catch 2 buses) and they get within about 5 metres of the second bus, the bus driver sees them, smiles, shuts the door and drives off leaving the two of them standing on the side of the road to wait 15 minutes for the next bus. I just got home from measureing the distance and counting the time it would have taken them to get to the bus. 10 seconds! This piece of crap only had to wait ten seconds for them.

Anyone in their right mind would think…. Ahhh, two very young girls…. alone…. 15 minute wait for the next bus…..Paedophiles and sexual predators about….. I will wait for the time it takes for them to get to the bus and allow them on…. they will not have to wait on the side of the road on their own and they will be safe!

Apparently not! According to my girl he took great delight in seeing them wave him down, run their little legs off carrying heavy school bags trying to get there as fast as they could, and then leaving them, alone! Adelaide Metro buses and bus drivers have got a lot to answer for.

I am reconsidering her catching any buses from now on. I drive her to school each morning and she catches the bus home with her friend on some days.

This bus was the number 719 on South road and at about 3 pm. He picked up someone at the stop but obviously had no time for two young girls trying to get home from school safely. So POOH to you, you cad! I hope someone else reads this and you are counselled over it. I will never catch public transport. I would rather walk. I don’t feel safe, the drivers are rude and they drive too fast. On that subject, I was driving along Oaklands road about a month ago and a bus went past me so fast it scared me. I was doing 60 k’s but he must have been doing at least 75 K’s. When he turned right into the depot, I though the bus would turn over. SAPOL you should put up speed cameras there to catch them. This stretch of road is notorius for speeding buses.

My brother left the Royal Adelaide Hospital after an appt and went to catch the bus home. Just as he was about to lift his foot to step onto the bus, the driver shut the door on him and left him there! How could you do that to someone who is coming from Hospital? Oh, and what about the poor elderly woman who broke her hip on a bus and the driver left her there and drove 27 bus stops before someone called for assistance. Disgraceful. Makes me want to vomit! This is truly sick behaviour.

So, that’s it. I hate public transport. I don’t trust the drivers and I will never, ever catch a bus… EVER!


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