Halloween/ Festival Phobias


The electric pumpkin

We set up the Halloween decorations for the little kids in the neighbourhood as we have each year, only this year we added to the collection and it stood out like a dogs hind leg. Our house looked quite good this year. The we had some peope over for dinner and their children came dressed up too. Their eldest boy went with his brother to trick or treat in his neighbourhood and later I heard they went to about 20 houses where they had put up signs saying ‘No lollies here, don’t knock’ How crummy and mean is that??

We are a multi cultural country. We have celebrations here and those include the Schutzenfest (German), Glendi (Greek), and I just heard even the Indian people have a festival. Ok so what about poor old Halloween??? It’s for the kids for goodness sake. I couldn’t imagine not giving a child something if they knocked on my door. Even a packet of biscuits! I remember when my little girl was very young, all the girls in the neighbourhood would get dropped off at our house in their scariest costumes, and I would take them up and down the street knocking on the doors of people who I knew would be at home and who liked children. These kids would come home with bags of cheezels, chips, biscuits, popcorn and even money from the nice people across the road! The kids loved it and each year they would come back for another evening of gathering trick or treat plunder.

There is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun celebrating another culture’s festivals. It’s a great way of breaking down the barriers wouldn’t you agree?
So next year, I would suggest you get with the plan and put up a decoration or two, buy a bag of sweets for the kids and let them knock on your door.

Even scarier in the dark


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