Toxins even the Chinese people won’t eat!


Watching Today Tonight on Channel 7 and saw a segment on how the Chinese are sending their frozen vegetables to Australia via New Zealand. Some of the vegetables have poisons in them. Birth Defects, Cancers, Nervous system toxins oh you name it they have it.
Parathion Methyl
Not to mention some of these vegetables and fruit are grown in human excrement!
Google any one of these names and see for yourself what they do to the human body. Then think of the animals you are giving this to when they get a few dinner table scraps.
I was horrified.
It doesn’t matter where you live, I would suggest you buy your vegetables which are local and by your own farmers. Eat fresh, it’s best.
They said even the Chinese people are growing their own vegetables and fruit because they don’t trust the crops grown by their big corporations. That’s scary.

I would like to know why these foods are allowed into Australia by the back door? = New Zealand. In ten years we will all see the effects of this. More cancers and birth defects etc…..
Like I said before… Fresh is best. If you are on my Plan for weight loss, you will eat better than before! Woo Hoo!


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