I refuse to pay and so I urge you to do the same.


My last post was about the ICM Register and how they are going to steal all the business names they can and allow anyone to buy them and add the prefix .xxx This will then allow anyone to be directed to a pornography site via your business name. How well do you think your business will do if that happens? ICM registry is, if you don’t already know, a domain register for pornography sites. The owners of pornography will be able to buy and register your business name and then hold you to ransom to get as much money as they can from you so you can buy back your business name. If anyone accidentally opens up you business name with the .xxx they will be in for a shock. PORNOGRPHY!!!!!

On the strength of this I have put in a lot of thought and someone needs to be held responsible for it. Children who do school work online and need to open up sites for projects will be especially at risk because the whole .xxx thing will be new to them and do you want to know this is going to happen to our kids?

I AM NOT GOING TO PAY AND I URGE YOU TO DO THE SAME. I’m not talking about just online businesses but any business. They will take it and register it. Don’t think because your business is a registered business name IT’S PROTECTED, you still have to pay to have it protected from poaching and it’s expensive. The annual fee is ridiculous. I am also going to urge our Govt to do something about it and prevent this from happening. This is not what the internet is about. It’s just a case of money grubbing by a hungry thoughtless bastard who wants to cripple businesses and Govts. If ICANN did not approve it in 2000 then why are they (non profit org) approving it now? Do you think money has greased someone’s palm? Hmmmm food for thought.
While we are here I will tell you all when you type in my website name, please type it in correctly
either one will take you to a great site with NO PORNOGRAPHY!

Teach your kids too. Warn them of the dangers and show them how to type in the correct name for the site they are looking for.
Good luck!


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  1. And for what it’s worth. DON’T PANIC! Can you imagine a large company allowing this to happen to their company name? Their lawyers will have a field day taking them to court. I will support them in a class action too.

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