Do you want your business name linked to a Pornography site?


I was reading the article about ICM Registry and how they now have permission from ICANN to open up a domain registry for pornography websites. As from now until October 28th everyone in the world who has a buiness name whether it be an online business or not will need to apply to the ICM Registry Registrar to PAY for their name to be protected, by opting out or by purchasing the domain name and keeping it from being sold to anyone and everyone who wants to link it to their site (Namely a Porn site). At the end of the specified time to register your intention, there will be an auction for one and all and there will be names to be bought.

Can you imagine typing in Google? It could go directly to a porn site. Do you want your children to go to sites like these? There are other problems I have with this. One nasty character is holding the world to ransom by doing this. Each country will be paying a fortune for protection via you and your need to protect your name. The figures show $400 million from Australia alone.
Next… If this is allowed now, it won’t stop anyone else from doing the same thing and holding the world to ransom on another filthy site.
Next… The amount of tax refunds each country’s taxation office is going to have to pay out to us will be crippling to the govt concerned because it will be a legitimate expense and we will want a refund in our tax.

Did these greedy mongrels think of this? NO of course they didn’t. If you are a celebrity you will be automatically protected… Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Barack Obama etc…

I would suggest we all compalain to ICANN and your member of Parliament and tell them not to allow this. Or has so much money changed hands it can’t be given back? has money greased someone’s palm?????


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