Here’s what to do in a heat wave.


It’s funny me telling you what to do in a heat wave seeing as we here in Australia are freezing our butts off but it will help you. You will of course ave been told to drink plenty of fluids. Yes, do it. Keep hydrated for starters.

Next thing is to keep your brain cool. I don’t mean to tell you to cover your head with ice but the carotid arteries which run either side of your windpipe need to be kept cool too. They take blood to the brain and if you keep that area cool, then you will not feel as hot.
One of Astralia’s most famous cricketers always wore one when he was on the field. Shane Warne.

There is a neck band called a ‘Koolit body cooler’ Made by the ‘Koolit Clothing Company’ and it’s made here in Australia. I wear one in the hot weather, even at work! Being a ‘Ranga’ I suffer from migraines if I get too hot in the sun.
If you are not able to get one, the next best thing would be some thick material and keep it wet. Wrap it around your neck with the wettest/thickest part covering the two carotid arteries either side of your wind pipe. Change it when it dries up. It is better to cool the blood before it gets to the brain than try to keep your head cool by other methods and after the heated blood is already there.
Here is a couple of pics of the ‘Koolit’ band. If you cannot buy them where you live then ask your pharmacist if they can order them in for you or find an alternative. You might be able to purchase them online. I buy them for Christmas gifts and hand them out and everyone who has one loves it.


My new white one.


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