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Now is the perfect time to begin your weight loss program. I know it’s winter here in Australia but on you don’t have to go hungry or eat things you don’t like. It’s also the perfect time to do a few simple exercises to speed up the process. I really don’t like exercising but the few minutes as suggested in my book will see you lose it really quite fast. There is nothing worse than trying to lose weight when the summer heat is here. Wouldn’t you like to be thinner and healthier before the hot weather arrives? No sweaty bodies, or wearing yourself out in a heat wave trying to lose a few lbs/kilos. My Plan is just lovely. It’s also very easy to maintain the weight once you have the principal of my Plan set in your mind. You will have it forever. Oh what a joy it is to be thinner and healthier. The clothes I can wear now are gorgeous and I can’t wait for the summer styles to come out so I can go shopping. No more fat pants for me.

Great for overweight pets too!


About thingirlsrus

Registered Nurse. Clinical Lecturer. Author. Really nice person. I am a weight loss expert believe it or not. Personally I don't care if you believe me or not. I just wrote the most wonderful book on how to lose weight without constantly shoving your hand in your pocket buying products which by the way don't work. Believe it or not but my little dogs 'Lovey' and 'Boo' helped me to discover the most simple and easy way to do it and it's something I had never thought of doing. I absolutely love information. I love true stories and I'm interested in you too. Everyone has a story to tell. Marilyn xxx

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