Is Kate Middleton on the ‘D’ diet?


I hope not. If I were on it I would end up in hospital with a bleeding hole in my stomach from an ulcer. A bleeding Oesophagus, constipation, listlessness, probably depression and my kidneys and Pancreas wouldn’t be in very good sorts either. As to the effects of a lack of antioxidants from the fresh fruits and vegetables one is NOT to consume on this horrendous diet is terrifying to say the least.

Why do people work out these so called diets which make you scared of food? Why are people frightened of carbohydrates? They are wonderfful foods and we need them for energy and vitmains and minerals. Honestly, I am surprised anyone would even suggest Ms Middleton would consider doing something so dreadful to her young body. Weight loss has become a dark area and anyone who considers losing weight should look into the facts first before trying anything.

There is always someone coming up with a different diet and the media speculation doesn’t help. If they said someone special was on a particular diet, it sends the public into a frenzy and everyone wants it too. Why? Just because they are doing themselves harm should we as well? I am so glad I’m off that stupid treadmill of leaning to the media for my lifestyle choices. Big is not beautiful and skinny is not healthy. It would be nice for a change to hear the media promote healthy weight loss for bodies but all they are interested in is a sensational story. So all I can say is don’t listen to them. Make your own choices and don’t be swayed by the media. You will be so surprised at my Plan and how wonderful it is for weight loss.


About thingirlsrus

Registered Nurse. Clinical Lecturer. Author. Really nice person. I am a weight loss expert believe it or not. Personally I don't care if you believe me or not. I just wrote the most wonderful book on how to lose weight without constantly shoving your hand in your pocket buying products which by the way don't work. Believe it or not but my little dogs 'Lovey' and 'Boo' helped me to discover the most simple and easy way to do it and it's something I had never thought of doing. I absolutely love information. I love true stories and I'm interested in you too. Everyone has a story to tell. Marilyn xxx

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