My Garden is Bare


I was thinking about putting a few plants in and around my garden, since we pulled everything out when we had the terrible drought here in South Australia a few years ago. Good thing I didn’t replace them the next year. After the devastating floods in Queensland I decided we don’t really need or want to be buying fresh food from overseas anymore. I have no problems with free trade between countries, but by the time it gets here it’s so old the nutritional value is just not there. No wonder the nation is fat! We don’t get the nutrition we need and we eat more, hence weight gain.

I have a nice area in the front of my garden with a few small bushes which can be easily removed. Will need to spend a good year improving the soil so I will be carting horse manure from the local stables to add to the soil. I will also test the soil after a few months to see if there is anything lacking. I read somewhere Australian soil lacks Selenium. So will be checking for that too. There are so many things one can add to the soil to boost it up. Paper, recycled of course. Food scraps from our compost bin. Last year I emptied our compost bin out and decided I should give it a rinse out to get rid of the smell. Whoa! It did stink! I rinsed it out with tap water and tipped it onto the lawn. That part of the lawn was green and lush with 3 weeks. Amazing. So if you’re considering the cost of having a fruit and vegetable garden then do your homework.

Strawberries in a pot!

You need to make sure you have the space. Even pots can grow a number of things. Check for good soil and build it up. If you have a water problem check on the use of grey water from your washing machine and or put in rainwater tanks. it can work out to be so inexpensive to grow your own food and the health benefits are truly wonderful. I suppose you have heard and read how antioxidants can prevent cancers etc. Well fresh picked foods are the most wonderful way to go about getting all the antioxidants you need. Oh, and don’t forget to make a list of the foods you want to grow and grow for the season. Salad foods for summer, veges for winter. Fruit trees.

If you don’t have the space then grow them on steel trellises so they grow upwards and not outwards. Oh dear, now I’m so excited by this I want to go out and start now but it’s dark outside. Never mind, I will make my list. I suggest you do as well. Good luck and wait for the book with my new recipes. Coming soon. Having fun working out foods to put in the book. Yum!


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