Will Kate and Wills Honeymoon in Australia?


The end of April will see Australia have about the same weather as a nice English summer day I have been led to believe. So is it any wonder I choose Australia for them to have their honeymoon? Oprah came here and we polished up the sun and put on our best smiles and good manners. Oprah’s visit was a resounding success.

Australia is a lovey, peaceful place to have a honeymoon and there are an abundance of places to go for a quiet honeymoon away from the prying eyes of the media. I think it was the first visit abroad for Charles and Diana after their marriage and they seemed to enjoy themselves.

If comparisons were made about their honeymoon and Will’s parents honeymoon then Aus it is. I would have to say Australia is a good safe bet too. One of our gorgeous Islands would be the perfect spot. Booked out so as to have the whole Island to themselves and really, who would guess? Not me. Prince Charles went to School here in Australia… Timbertop. If it’s good enough for him then there’s another reason.

The only place I could think of which would give absolute privacy would be the island of Sir Richard Branson. Surround it with raw meat to draw the sharks and bingo!! No prying eyes. Richard would have to move out though. Problem. No, Australia it is!

Hope Kate doesn’t stack on the weight on her honeymoon. marilynsplanforweightloss.com.au if she does. xxx


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