Australian Disasters


I feel so sorry for the poor people in Western Australia who are facing the bushfires. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Floods, cyclones and now bushfires are ravaging our gorgeous country. QLD, Vic, Tas and now WA are all in disaster mode.

I know we get a lot of information about global warming etc and hopefully we all try to do the right thing by saving measures etc… But this is getting ridiculous. I heard an ‘Expert’ in the weather say we were facing about 30 to 40 years of disasters. Oh joy! He said it goes in cycles.

My thoughts on this are to make sure my kids are well informed and prepared without being frightened and to do as much as we can to reduce our waste and energy usage. It’s hard I realise that but it probably all helps. Last year I was chatting to a man who told me the wealthy people didn’t care about composting, saving water, reducing their energy in and around their homes and businesses. He called them the disposable people because they don’t care. ‘They use it and throw it away.’

If that’s true then what are they going to leave their children? A load of guilt, resentment and recriminations! Well, I don’t know about all that but I will keep doing my best to help the Planet.
I spent a whole day shredding paper by hand to put on my garden in my backyard for composting. We need to give back to the Earth.

We cannot keep taking and not put anything back. My backyard looks like we had a load of snow dropped on it but I don’t care. It looks like we are doing something.
I would like to encourage everyone to do something for the Planet. We want to leave out kids with something beautiful don’t we?


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