The poor buggers in Queensland had the floods and now they are facing a terrifying cyclone which as I just heard is about 500 km in diameter and over 300 km an hour force. Now that’s scary. My heart goes out to all these poor people.

I remember not long after cylcone Tracy in Darwin blew through. My relatives who were living there at the time with their young children sheltered in a caravan site toilet block when it hit, and when it was over they drove all the way to Adelaide in an old car with nothing to wear, no clothes, no bags, NOTHING!

I also remember my cousins walking around the farm as if in a dream. Almost zombie like. It must have been terrifying for them because they were so young at the time, and it would be something which would haunt them for the rest of their lives.
I listened to my Aunty and Uncle trying to demonstrate the awful noise. Like nothing they could ever have imagined. Loud, and it never seemed to stop.

This new cyclone is supposed to blow for approximately 10 hours. I can imagine tourists who have never witnessed anything like this before either. A deafening blow to the human spirit. I am glad so many of them have left the areas to take shelter and I hope now that no one is killed or injured. I will give again if needed to help them rebuild their lives.

It’s been a bad blow for Aussies in a few of our States in the last few years. The terrible Victorian bushfires, the floods over nearly half the country and now a dreadful cyclone. Prayers to everyone to stay safe and the animals get away from the impending devastation..


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