Ok, so we are all waiting to hear if we will be victims of more flooding in other states. Do you have an emergency kit ready?
Are you prepared to leave your homes and what will you take with you?

I have a list of things to take and we are getting things together to put in place in case we have to make a run for it.
Torches, wind up.
First Aid Kit.
sleeping bags
medicines and prescriptions.
non perishable foods, water containers with some water. Meusli bars can sustain you for a breakfast meal and if there is no food so stock up on a few packets. Don’t take them all from the supermarket shelves. Leave some for others. You can only eat so many.
Battery operated radio.
Emegency phone numbers…National Storm and flood Hotline etc…
Insurance papers.
If you take photos, don’t take the frames.. too heavy and only take a few. Photos are irreplaceable so maybe just take your camera with the mem stick.
Insect repellant.
A picnic set. If you don’t have these items you could be eating with your fingers like they did in the terrible Victorian Bushfires.
Clothes and shoes. Include a jacket. Sun hats.
Write a list of things you will take then give everyone in the household a job to do it it comes to evacuating your home.

If you have pets then please cater for them as well.
Leashes and collars. food and water bowls. Food and Water.
Medicines. Vet phone numbers. Small blanket for them to sleep on and one small toy. Don’t forget to take your pets!

Put your emergency plan into action and make phone calls to family and friends who will not be threatened by the floods. Ask them if they will put you up for a few days if you have to make a run for it.
If the water levels rise and you are at risk of flooding. Get all your electical items up onto tables and benches or into the roof cavity.

Make sure you take your mobile phones and charges too and your contacts book.
Be prepared! The people of QLD didn’t expect to be flooded out like this so the best thing we can do is to act responsibly and listen to the radio and weather channels.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until you are flooded and then call emergency. get out when you are told. Imagine you have been given 15 minutes to evacuate your home to higher ground. Do you have everything ready to go at this short notice? You can have a practice run where everyone has a list with two things they need to grab as they run out the door. Try it and see how well you do.
Well, that’s it for now. Hope the water recedes and all is well.
Pray for the victims of the flooding. Marilyn xxx


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