The flooding in Queeensland is a tragedy


So many lives lost, so many homes and businesses destroyed by the raging torrents of water. Brisbane is almost under water now.
It was about this time last year the fires in Victoria killed hundreds of innocent people. This is such a sad time for everyone, even for us who would go and help if we could but would be turned away because it wouldn’t be safe. I thank the emergency crews who go into these areas to assist. Some of these people don’t make it out of there either. How brave to put your life on the line in emergency situations.

Think about the animals who lost their lives as well. Poor little things.
The only good thing to come out of all of it is; the earth will get a good drenching which it needs at times to ensure good harvests.
I hope and pray no more lives are lost and the water subsides quickly. I also hope and pray the rebuilding of everything goes well and without any problems.
Fingers crossed. I’m praying for you all.
Marilyn xxx


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