Chance to win a free book.


Get in now with your entry details and have a chance to win a free hard copy or ebook.
The hard copy is signed by me and Anne Wills ‘Willsy’ so don’t stagnate and don’t leave it for too long.

Marilyn's Plan. Get it now for your weight loss!

First Prize


About thingirlsrus

Registered Nurse. Clinical Lecturer. Author. Really nice person. I am a weight loss expert believe it or not. Personally I don't care if you believe me or not. I just wrote the most wonderful book on how to lose weight without constantly shoving your hand in your pocket buying products which by the way don't work. Believe it or not but my little dogs 'Lovey' and 'Boo' helped me to discover the most simple and easy way to do it and it's something I had never thought of doing. I absolutely love information. I love true stories and I'm interested in you too. Everyone has a story to tell. Marilyn xxx

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  1. Celebrities don’t support things unless they are either paid for doing so or they totally believe in the product. ‘Willsy’ is not being paid to do this. She loves the book and even has a couple of recipes in it.

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