Emaciated Models? Just confused..


I just read an article about a US model who is so emaciated looking she has basically been told to put on weight or lose her job. I feel so sorry for these poor girls. They are scared to death of putting on weight for fear of losing their jobs and so they just don’t eat.
Little do they know, they can maintain a thin (not emaciated) frame and be healthy.
When there is no food consumed the body eats into itself including heart muscle and that’s when the trouble begins. They are at risk of cardiac arrest. I would love to see people actually eating and becoming a good weight for their skeletal frame without the risk of harming themselves.

When I first lost all my weight I got very thin, in fact my Husband said I was bony. So I put a bit of weight on to cover my bones and it was extremely easy on My Plan. The difference between My Plan and dieting is you can be in charge of what and when you eat and eating ENOUGH food to keep you from starvation’s door. There it is, that word. STARVATION. Overweight people think if they starve themselves they will lose weight but they won’t. You need to give your body the nutrition it’s screaming out for in order for it to let go and allow you to lose the weight without hours and hours of exercise.

I encourage a little exercise and daily activity for your cardiovescular system which is a must but I don’t encourage hours and hours of exercise which is just wearing out your body. There is no need for it.
With My Plan, I have worked it out as simply and easy as I could to allow you to do it with ease. You don’t have to have a starting date or go out and buy food you’ve never heard of or can’t afford or don’t like. This is one reason I should have called it ‘The Poor Man’s Diet’ Anyone can afford it and anyone can do it. The Principal of the Plan is so easy it can be applied to overweight pets as well and that’s saying a lot.
I never have to be overweight again and I really love that. I can manipulate the Plan to suit me now.
Look out Festive Food, here I come!


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