Scared to eat Christmas lunch for fear of weight gain?


Don’t worry about it. If you have my Plan then you can pretty well relax and eat knowing what to do before,during and after eating Christmas fare. It’s no big deal when you know what to do and I for one won’t be worrying at all this Christmas. I baked butter shortbreads and gingerbread men and ate a hell of a lot of them, went to a Christmas dinner and ate what I wanted and I’m not worried at all because I relate eating to My Plan and laugh all the way home after. You can do it as well. Don’t wait until after Christmas when you are struggling to get your ‘Fat Pants’ on. It’s such a relief to have this Plan under the belt to use as needed.
If I don’t get to write anymore on here before Christmas I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.
Marilyn xxx

Good for overweight pets too.


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