Oprah Down Under


I am so glad Oprah didn’t come to Adelaide. I hate crowds. Although she did miss our gorgeous beaches, our fabulous food and meeting some of the most wonderfully talented people on the planet. I know we sometimes complain about how quiet Adelaide is and that it’s a dead end city but think about it. We have the most glorious Christmas Pageant, we have the Motor Sport, the Horse trial thingy in the middle of town (Parklands) and some of the prettiest suburbs and streets in the world. We have Handorf in the Hills and Lobethal lights, the Strawberry farms, our Zoo also has the Pandas from China and most of all we have peace and quiet. There are small towns famous for their cottage industries too and our wine grapes are grown all over our state.

Adelaide is nestled in the heart of South Australia and it’s the perfect place for talented people who plod away at being brilliant!
Melbourne is for shopping, Darwin is for Beer, Alice Springs has a big rock close by, Sydney is for noise and entertainment, Perth ??? what do they have??? Hmmm not a lot as far as I can see but a nice place to visit.

We have Scientists, Musicians, Artists, Talented Celebrities, Designers, Writers and Inventors who invent wonderful things which actually work better than their counterparts. I think we here in Adelaide are able to put our minds to achieving great things due to the friendly atmosphere in our wonderful state. I wouldn’t be happy living anywhere else. I do however like to go shopping in Melbourne and go to Sydney for Entertainment but Adelaide is where my heart lies.


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