For the past few months I’ve been reading and hearing all about the ‘New’ weight loss programs the diet companies have implemented. They are now saying they have changed their programs to make it ‘better.’ Ok if they are changing them for the better then weren’t they any good to begin with? Probably not.

That’s the difference between them and me. My Plan is and always will be the same. There are no changes and there never will be because My Plan is perfect and it works! I added a chapter for overweight Pets seeing as it was my two pets who led me to find the easiest and most simple way to lose my weight. I didn’t include it in the first book but I have in my new book.

So if the diet companies are constantly changing their progams and plans then they obviously don’t have it do they? I never succeeded on any one of their programs and plans. In fact I tried one of the biggest programs and I put on weight. I followed it religiously too but to no avail.

I also have to have a giggle about the promise of losses up to 6kg in the first week. Well hello! That is mostly water but that will happen on any and all diets. Their diets are all the same, they just change the food choices around and there is nothing NEW about any of them.

I have to say My Plan will be with you forever once you get the Principal of the Plan into your head. It’s a case of eat more and exercise less. I don’t encourage hours of exercise to lose weight because you will just wear out your joints, then on the other hand any diet which says ‘No Exercise’ is dangerous. Your body does need a little bit of exercise as it’s good for the cardiovascular system, the bones and for the whole body so a little bit. In fact I think you will be surprised at the exercises I have in my book.

After you read this, you will probably go right out and buy into another diet company and keep your hand in your purse paying for their products but eventually you will come back to me and get with the Plan, ‘Marilyn’s Plan for weight loss’ and succeed.

Even if you fall off the wagon on the odd occasion, it doesn’t matter. You can pick yourself up and keep going. It’s no big deal. I don’t ask you to attend silly meetings where you have to be convinced on a weekly basis that your efforts are ‘wonderful’ that’s a crock! I empower you to take charge and go for it and enjoy eating again.

One more thing. Stop blaming your state of being overweight on anything like emotions. People everywhere are always blaming others for their problems and difficulties. Food is not your friend, it’s fuel for your body and that’s all so don’t use emotional eating as an excuse. Be brave enough to say enough is enough! Don’t take the crap anymore and don’t blame emotions and lifes little hicups on your eating problems. You are supposed to eat because you are hungry and that’s it. If you are emotional then you need to address the issue and not go to the fridge.

I have never heard of anyone with emotional problems going to the garden and painting. I can see it now, A famous celebrity has a bust up with her boyfriend because he cheated and the latest news shows her in her garden painting.
The headline reads ‘Miss Mar caught in garden painting after split with BFF’ ‘Hope she doesn’t overpaint.’ There is something NEW!


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