Supermarket weightloss


Watching channel 7 Today Tonight segment on weight loss and I was stunned to see how many people are buying off the shelf supermarket treatments for weight loss. What are these people doing to their bodies? I would hate to think what the total toxic build up of these products is going to do to their systems if they continue doing this. Another thing, how lazy can some people be to rely on something so unnatural and artificial and not think about the long term effects of their actions. I continually scratch my head in wonderment by this. Ok so overweight people want to lose their weight without having to spend too much money.
They can stop buying this crap for starters and start to eat real food. I am a Registered Nurse. I studied food and nutrition in University and it is my role to ensure decent meals are served to my patients for optimal health (that will also come out in the wash in my next book). I also studied weight loss as a professional dieter for most of my life and it was only after I gave up trying to lose weight that I discovered how to do it the easy way.

Weight gain is not rocket science and weight loss isn’t either, although the so called experts try to give you something so out of this world to convince you their plan or program is the best. I will now say in approximately 20 years time, our ever failing health systems will be put under even more pressure from overweight people and the damage they have done to their bodies ingesting these rubbish products. Kidney, pancreas, liver, heart and lungs not to mention the other organs in the body.

I look at the human body like it’s a car. If you put bad engine oil or fuel into it, how well do you think it will run and how long before the mechanic is telling you it is just worn out and needs a whole new engine???? For crying out loud. When will people look at this in a sensible way and stop buying these crappy products. I don’t want to have to look after you in an aged care facility when you are still young and all due to the fact you abused your body with rubbish. Don’t you realise these products make you smell? It eventually exudes from your pores. The residue doesn’t just come out in your faeces and urine.
Remember what a baby smells like? They have this pure, clean smell don’t they? If you keep doing this you will smell like the rubbish you are ingesting.

I also don’t want to see anyone exercising so much to lose weight either. On my Plan it’s not necessary to wear yourself out. Your joints are at risk of injury from excesses in physical activity ans so is the heart if it is put under too much pressure.


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