Miss Boo in the bin!


My little Papillon Boo was a fat little dog and on the advice of my vet and her chiropractor I had to put her and my other Papillon on a diet. I reduced their food intake as advised. Big mistake. After the second day on a reduced food intake, I knew there was something wrong. I was woken in the night by a noise coming from my kitchen. I went to investigate and found Boo head first in the rubbish bin foraging for food. The poor little thing was starving!

I shouldn’t laugh but it was a very funny sight to see her in their head first with her two little back legs and bushy tail flailing in the air. I don’t know if she had found something to eat or was desperately trying to get out but there she was. After I pulled her out and cleaned her up I gave her more food and cuddled her. It was then I decided there had to be more to this weight loss thing than stupid diets.

Every visit to the vet I would see at least one overweight pet. That’s very sad. Animals rely on us for their health so why not give them good health. I worked out a way for my two Papillons to lose weight, then I tried it on myself and lots of others and it worked every time. It was a success! Now we are all thin and in good health and good spirits. I have never had to reduce the food intake for any of us since then and in fact we eat more food.

The exercises we do are minimal too but we do some exercise because the body works well when it is active. The internal organs need to be working to their full potential to keep the body in good health and anyone who promotes a diet without exercise needs to be taken out and flogged! I don’t encourage anyone to over do the exercise but a few simple and quick things I have included in my book are enough to get the cardiovascular system in good shape. You have to read the book to believe it. xxx


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