I have discovered my new spokesperson to join me on the cover of my book. It’s so very exciting. I was a bit concerned she wouldn’t do it but after we talked she agreed to be on there with me. Just wait until you see who she is. It will blow you away!

Having her on the cover of my book will also show everyone how simple and natural it is to lose weight on my Plan.
She has also promised me she will never represent any other weight loss company. That’s encouraging and very sweet.
I won’t ask her to enter into any contract because it will not be necessary. She believes in me and my Plan and is very happy with it.
I am hoping to reveal her in the next week or so. Look out for an announcement the day prior to the new book launch.


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  1. Of course I like this post. It’s so exciting to be able to be so close to launching this book. It has new content and has been professionally edited and proof read etc. Keep an eye out for ……………….

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