Rocky the Kangaroo


I just saw a News Item about ‘Rocky The Australian Grey Kangaroo’ and how he was being used in a circus in Texas as a boxing opponenent for a clown. As much as I felt sorry for the Kangaroo being held captive by anyone, and pity for the nitwit who owns this poor animal, I must say something in regards to the way it was shown to the public.

I did not see anyone hit or kick the Kangaroo. It looked like a play fight to me. Just like I have with my little dogs and they absolutely love it. They get tough and growl and roll on the floor and they have a big smile on their faces. Now if that kangaroo was in fear of being injured it would have reared back on it’s tail and sliced that clown right down the middle with it’s two big toenails which are very long and quite strong. This is what Kangaroos do when threatened. In fact, that Kangaroo looked very well fed and I hope he is cared for. I really don’t know what an Australian animal is doing in a Texan Circus though.

We here in Australia take a very dim view of Animals being mistreated and the perpetrators end up in jail and or heavily fined and or not allowed to own any animals. Australians show animals a lot of respect and we are a very caring nation. Our laid back attitude has not changed so what was the point of the Media making such a misrepresented segment on this. Do they want us to hate Texans? Do they want to make an issue of this to hide the Racist problem THEY created here?

For crying out loud, I’m so sick of these ridiculous stories. Why don’t these Papps get a life and stop making stories look worse than they really are. Does the media just want to make headlines like the nitwit who took the footage? Oh I forgot. March is boring month for news so they have to make it up. HA!


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