3 Months to live!


I had a lovely friend come for coffee about 5 weeks ago and she was telling me about her Brother In Law and how he had been given only 3 months to live. He lives in another country and contracted a deadly disease which was not diagnosed for some time so It pretty well ravaged his body and all his internal organs. He contracted this about three years ago. As my friend was telling me this I began to feel so terribly sad for him and his Family and immediately thought of giving her my Book to send to him to do the ‘Clincher.’

I told her to tell him to do it to assist him to get lots of nutrients which would hopefully make him feel better. Then a couple of days ago I thought to ask her how he was going and I was informed he was actually improving. There is a lot more to it but for privacy issues I am not at liberty to divulge any names or places until they say it is ok. We had it thrust upon us when studying Nursing at Uni about Privacy and dignity so my lips are sealed until they say otherwise.

Ok so now I can say my Plan is saving lives. I knew it was brilliant because I had a growth on my thigh which was changing size and colour, then after six months on my Plan it disappeared. There is a faint pink dot where it used to be. I hope I am able to tell more about this soon so others can see the benefits of this fabulous Plan.


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